Is the World Ending?

I’ve had more people ask me this question this week than in the last 17 years combined. The combination of triple hurricanes, devastating fires, earthquakes, the threat of nuclear war, and the solar eclipse has reminded many of Jesus’ words in Mark 13:8, For nation will rise up against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. ThereContinue reading “Is the World Ending?”

H-Town Update & Relief Mission from GPBC/HBC

Many of you know that my parents live in Houston, and you have been asking for updates. Here is the latest: Addicks Reservoir Flooding As the rain continues, the Addicks Reservoir will continue to over-flow. My parents live directly on the north edge of the reservoir, which means as the water backs up their neighborhoodContinue reading “H-Town Update & Relief Mission from GPBC/HBC”

The Erosion of Parents’ Moral Primacy

The news coming out of California and Minnesota regarding the agenda of educators is not good for parents. The operating assumption on the part of at least two charter schools is that parents do not have the right to be informed of when their children will be exposed to gender transformation instruction. I recommend thatContinue reading “The Erosion of Parents’ Moral Primacy”

Our Race Has a Problem

Our race has a problem. By “race” I don’t mean ethnic group, I mean our race—the human one. We have a problem. Descendants of Adam and Eve have consistently acted in self-interest rather than selfless sacrifice. The Biblical word for this is sin, and from Genesis 3 on we see it clearly and repeatedly describedContinue reading “Our Race Has a Problem”

These Are the Days (or Happy Anniversary Lindsay)

17 years ago today Lindsay and I got married. Those, as they say, were the days. Those Were the Days When people say “those were the days” they usually mean that times were better in the past because of this or that. Sometimes they just mean those days were good days. For us, those reallyContinue reading “These Are the Days (or Happy Anniversary Lindsay)”