Headed South to Athens

Israel/Greece Day 14 Today was largely a travel day. Last night we drove south from Macedonia to the region known as Thessaly. Our journey probably paralleled Paul’s third missionary journey, but we can’t know his route for sure. We started our day with a visit to Meteora, a stunning display of God’s glory in nature.Continue reading “Headed South to Athens”

The Gospel Advances

Israel/Greece Day 13 We started our day in Thessaloniki (Thessalonica) in northeastern Greece. Today Thessaloniki is a large, important town in northern Greece just as it was in the first century. As a harbor town on the Aegean Sea, Thessaloniki had natural prominence as a trading post and connection point with Asia Minor. In ActsContinue reading “The Gospel Advances”

Thankful for a Great Time in Israel

Israel 2019 Day 10 Our morning started in Nazareth and a visit to the “Nazareth Village,” a ministry that has recreated 1st century life in Nazareth. Live shepherds, carpenters, and weavers really made us feel like we had traveled in time. A special highlight of the morning was when pastor Mike read Luke 4:16-30 inContinue reading “Thankful for a Great Time in Israel”