I Repent—Spurgeon Was a Great Preacher

When I was in seminary, at the zenith of youthful pride, I mentioned to several compatriots that I disapproved of the preaching of C. H. Spurgeon (aka “the Prince of Preachers”—I should have known). My reasons were legitimate concerns about what we call today a “Christ-centered” approach to preaching. In short, the accusation was thatContinue reading “I Repent—Spurgeon Was a Great Preacher”

Reflections on ETS 2017

I’ve had a great time at this year’s annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society. ETS is an academic society devoted to advancing precision in Christian theology. While often unseen to the average church goer, ETS gives a sneak peak into the world behind study Bibles, commentaries, etc. So what did I do and whyContinue reading “Reflections on ETS 2017”