Marriage as a Taste of Something Greater (in light of our 20th Anniversary)

Today, July 22, 2020, Lindsay and I have been married 20 years. I love my bride, and usually take time each year to publicly proclaim said love to the internet. She’s truly a blessing from the Lord—as a co-laborer, friend, mother, and human being (see here for more on that). We have had the blessingContinue reading “Marriage as a Taste of Something Greater (in light of our 20th Anniversary)”

Our Marriage Is Officially an Adult

A house and wealth are inherited from fathers, but a wise wife is from the LORD. -Proverbs 19:14 Eighteen years ago Lindsay and I tied the knot, which is an English euphemism for getting married (incidentally, I like the phrase because it implies permanence in the marriage union). In our culture when a person turns eighteenContinue reading “Our Marriage Is Officially an Adult”