Election Cycle Spiritual Prep Kit

This is so that the living will know that the Most High is ruler over human kingdoms. He gives them to anyone he wants and sets the lowliest of people over them. -Daniel 4:17 It’s time for our quad-annual dose of democratic frenzy. I’m just going to go out on a limb and guess thatContinue reading “Election Cycle Spiritual Prep Kit”

Sustaining Faith During Suffering- Daniel 11:2-35

Take a moment to pray. Ask God to speak to you through his word—for his Spirit to convict you of sin, teach you the truth, and lead you in walking by faith. Setting the Scene Daniel was prepared to receive bad news in his 4th vision (Dan. 10:1-11:1). God was going to send Israel anotherContinue reading “Sustaining Faith During Suffering- Daniel 11:2-35”

On the Untimely Death of a Believer

This week many in our church body suddenly lost a dear friend and sister in the Lord who had moved away years ago. Her death was the result of a crime. She leaves behind a husband and grown children. I did not know her, but the loss is grievous to those who did. I wouldContinue reading “On the Untimely Death of a Believer”