Eternity and the Endless Communication of God’s Glory

Forgive me for two posts in one day.  This is from “The End for Which God Created the World” by Jonathan Edwards.  I wrestled with it again today in my study of Exodus 7:5- The Egyptians shall know that I am the LORD, when I stretch out my hand against Egypt and bring out the people of Israel from among them.  Note the communication idea in “The Egyptians shall know that I am Yahweh.”  Edwards always blows me away.  I read it like 300 times and I’m still working on it.

“As there is an infinite fulness of all possible good in God—a fulness of every perfection, of all excellency and beauty, and of infinite happiness—and as this fulness is capable of communication, or emanation ad extra; so it seems a thing amiable and valuable in itself that this infinite fountain of good should send forth abundant streams.”

Summary: Because God is infinitely good, the communication of his goodness is good. 

“Thus it is fit, since there is an infinite fountain of light and knowledge, that this light should shine forth in beams of communicated knowledge and understanding; and, as there is an infinite fountain of holiness, moral excellence, and beauty, that so it should flow out in communicated holiness. And that, as there is an infinite fulness of joy and happiness, so these should have an emanation, and become a fountain flowing out in abundant streams, as beams from the sun.”

Summary:  The knowledge of God’s infinite greatness flows from him in communication.

“Thus it appears reasonable to suppose, that it was God’s last end, that there might be a glorious and abundant emanation of his infinite fulness of good ad extra, or without himself; and that the disposition to communicate himself, or diffuse his own fulness, was what moved him to create the world.”

Summary: God created the world so that he would be able to communicate his endless greatness.

All of God’s acts are ultimately designed to communicate his glory, and the joy of learning of his greatness will never end because his greatness never ends.  I have no idea what this will be like, but I can’t wait.

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