Wednesday and Thursday here in St. Petersburg consisted of our Russian brothers delivering short sermons which we would evaluate.  This year the sermons were outstanding.  I cannot overstate the degree of improvement in the sermons from 2009 until now.

The reason they were so great is the men preached on one primary passage, took special note of the context, and make specific application to the listeners.  This is very encouraging because it means that the last 5 years of ministry here have been effective.

Why does this matter?  It matters because this work will make a difference for the gospel for the rest of the lives of these ministers.  The collective impact on the northwest part of Russia will be impossible to estimate.  Not only that, but these men will in turn teach younger brothers how to preach.  This means that literally for generations to come, biblical sermons will be heard in Russian pulpits.

As an example, our brother Slava preached on Thursday.  His sermon was well done, even though he hasn’t had much experience.  The last time I was in Russia Slava wasn’t in the program, he was in prison.  Since 2009 he has come to faith in Christ and is currently being discipled by other believers here.  He is preaching in a prison mininstry to men with whom he has a clear connection.  

Slava is not only honoring God by serving him in the prison, he is honoring God by delivering clear, biblical sermons.  I praise God for using us to help foster the proclamation of his word worldwide.  May it never cease.

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