Over a year ago we started talking about sending a small team from Green Pond to visit and encourage our European missionaries.  So we formed a small team consisting of myself, my wife Lindsay, Kelli Whritenour our Deacon of Missions, and Sarah Witten our Global Outreach Intern.  We have been making plans, booking tickets, gathering supplies, etc.

In the meantime, Europe has been rocked with terrorist attacks and mass shootings.  Germany has been especially hard hit, and half of our time will be spent there.  Tensions are high and people are scared.

People have asked, “Are you still going to go?” (this reminded me of our Israel trip a few years ago).  Yes, we are still going.  I believe that in God’s sovereign plan, he is sending us to minister to people who are hurting and confused.  They are asking tough questions.  What better time to encourage the making and maturing of disciples of Jesus?  What better time to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ?  Who better to minister to those in need than followers of Christ?

Please pray for our trip.  We leave August 17 and return August 31.  We will be visiting ministries we support in Italy and Germany.  Specifically, please pray as we seek to:

  • Encourage our partners in gospel ministry.  We will be spending time with them, helping them with ministry, and even delivering some needed resources.
  • Proclaim the gospel.  Pray as I have the opportunity to preach in three different churches in Italy and Germany.  Pray for clarity and for God’s Spirit to use his Word.
  • Shine the light of the gospel at a dark time in Europe.  We believe God is sending us now for a reason.  We will be having important conversations with people as they try to process current tragedies and challenges.  Pray for wisdom!

I will try to post periodic updates while we are gone.  We are excited to personally invest in the making and maturing of disciples of Jesus worldwide.

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