As we depart Milano, we felt even more united in spirit and mission with the Fiores and Schaafsmas.  Their ministries at Punto Lode and Punto Luce are simple: glorifying God by making and maturing disciples of Jesus.  Although they make many creature comfort sacrifices to serve in Italy (and have for decades), their strong church family more than compensates.  Such love for the Lord!  Such joy!  Such passion!  Here are a few takeaways:

  • Need for workers/interns– While these churches are filled with active believers who are effectively sharing the gospel, there is a great need for help with discipleship and practical ministry needs.  They just don’t have enough people to effectively build relationships and share the gospel with the population.  It’s not a cliché: the harvest is ripe, and the workers are few. 
  • Radio station– Many of you will be familiar with the ongoing saga surrounding Radio Vita, the only Christian radio station in northern Italy.  Punto Lode and Punto Luce own the radio tower and maintain it.  The legal battles over this radio frequency are ongoing.  By God’s grace, the courts have consistently ruled in favor of Radio Vita.  Pray that this would continue, and that the opposition would concede defeat.  Check out the photos of us “inspecting” the tower.
  • Punto Luce building needs– Punto Luce is a church plant sent out from Punto Lode.  It’s their “Highlands Campus.”  The have completely filled their building space, and literally have no room for growth.  They are researching options to rent new space or possibly buy a building.  Please pray specifically for wisdom for Punto Luce as they make plans and decide how best to continue the mission.

One final note.  The day we arrived in Milano, Michael and Nina had dropped off their two sons to head to college at Wheaton in Chicago (their daughter was already there).  Nina shared with us that she was sad, as any mom would be, and prayed for encouragement.  When we arrived, I shared that our main goal was to encourage them.  I had no idea God sent us as a specific answer to prayer.  His ways are far beyond our ways!

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