Today we enjoyed an excellent American worship service… 4,000 miles from the United States.  The church body at High Point Baptist in Vilseck is filled with young families (mostly military).  We had a great time worshipping with them.  Kelli, Sarah, and Lindsay gave their children’s church workers a break for the week.

As you think about Keith and Diana, here are a few prayer requests:

  • Pray for continued transition to life in Germany.  The first year transitioning to life in a cross cultural ministry context is usually the most challenging.  Please pray for the Edwards family as they adjust to life in Germany.  Two of the Edwards family, Molly and Caleb, are in college and high school (respectively).  Pray for their continued success at school.
  • Pray for the start of a Word of Life Bible Club on base.  Keith and Diana have secured permission to operate a WOL club on base.  This is a great opportunity for outreach.  Pray as they get this club up and running.
  • Pray for outreach to local Syrian refugees.  By God’s sovereign grace, many refugee families have been housed in former US military housing.  God has brought the nations to the gospel once again.  Pray as High Point considers how to reach out to these families.
  • Pray for possible expansion of their facilities.  Currently they rent their meeting space and have 2 services.  They have several options, and they need God’s wisdom as they consider what to do in the future to make room for their church body.

Keith and Diana expressed how perfect the timing of our trip was for them.  We were their first ministry partners to visit since arriving in Germnay last December.  They send their greetings to the church at Green Pond. 

Speaking of which- we miss the saints at Green Pond and Highlands!  Even so, we praise God for the making and maturing of disciples of Jesus at High Point.

(Keith and Diana Edwards).

One thought on “GPBC Team Europe: Vilseck Update Part 3

  1. We had such a great time of refreshment and encouragement with you all. Thanks so much for coming to see us.

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