Israel 2019 Day 3

Jesus’ work is healing work. Today in Jerusalem we ventured under the Old City, walking through the Western Wall tunnel. This tunnel runs north-south along the Western Wall of the Temple Mount and allowed us to see and touch temple wall stones that are still standing from the time of Jesus (pictured below).

Coming out from under what was the Antonia Fortress in the time of Christ we visited the pools of Bethesda. It was here that Jesus dramatically healed the lame man in John 5:1-13 (no magic water necessary!). In fact, this healing pointed out the hypocrisy of the legalistic works righteousness system of the Pharisees. While Jesus healed this man’s 38 year paralysis, the narrative concludes with Jesus finding him next door on the Temple Mount. Jesus calls him to new life in him by sinning no more. Genuine faith in Jesus always results in life transformation. This is the healing we all need.

Here’s part of our group hearing about the pools of Bethesda at the pools of Bethesda.

From there we traveled along the traditional route Jesus took from his conviction to his execution. We ventured into the basement of a convent where they discovered some 1st century pavement at the location of the Antonia Fortress. This is near one possible location of Jesus’ scourging and trial by Pilate. It was a special treat to hear my dad, Dr. Michael Boys, read and briefly apply Isaiah 53– “…by his wounds we are healed.”

In the afternoon we enjoyed one of my all time favorite Jerusalem activities: the rampart wall walk. Ottoman ruler Suleiman the Magnificent had these walls built in the 16th century. The views from on top are tough to beat.

We ended our touring day with a visit to Mount Zion, the neighborhood of the Last Supper. Once again we were reminded of Jesus’ sacrificial love for us.

All in all we walked over 5 miles today. We were rewarded with a coffee break on the way home to Yad Hashmona in the Judean hills.
A view from the Judean hills towards the coastal plain and Mediterranean Sea.

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