Israel 2019 Day 6

We started our day with a sobering visit to Yad Vashem, the holocaust memorial in Jerusalem. We were horrified by the reminder of the effects of sin on humanity, and amazed at how God protected Israel when they were at such great risk.

As we drove through Jerusalem and out of the Judean hill country into the wilderness we were immediately reminded of our dependence on God. The lack of water, intense heat, and extreme isolation serve as constant reminders that without God’s provision, we have no hope. This theme is at the heart of the gospel: we cannot help ourselves, and are entirely dependent on God to provide for us in Christ!

We stopped for lunch with Abraham and Sarah, and experienced some patriarchal hospitality—complete with camel rides! This virtual tour of the life of the biblical patriarchs was fun and educational. Abraham is a model of faith in Romans 4 for good reason: in the wilderness reliance on God is essential to survival.

We drove south along the Dead Sea in the Jordan Rift Valley to the Herodian desert fortress Masada. This incredible site is where Jewish refugees were besieged by the Romans in the early 70s AD. The event ended in tragedy, and has become an Alamo of sorts for Israel.

Tomorrow we look forward to floating in the Dead Sea and then heading north.

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