We have gender problems. If you doubt that, I could tell you about the elementary school teacher who recently had a girl decide she was now a boy. She and her new girlfriend have presented a new legal minefield for their teacher, never mind the challenges for healthy social development and learning.

Or we could remember that last year ESPN gave transgender person Kaitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce, the Arthur Ashe Courage award. As a culture, we are celebrating the “bravery” of those who dare to reject their God-given gender.

Or we could look at the new law New York City recently passed relating to transgender use of bathrooms. According to the Associated Press, the law states “that transgender people can’t be denied access to the restroom or locker room where their gender identity belongs, at their discretion.” (Contrast that with the city of Houston, where sanity has prevailed for the moment).

Choosing one’s “gender identity” has been thrust upon American society as a civil right. Note carefully what this means. In the new humanity, gender is now negotiable. Born a man? Should’ve been a woman? No problem. Just change your gender.

This worldview makes perfect sense in a Creator-less universe. But those who believe God exists have a problem. We find it in Psalm 139.

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

-Psalm 139:14

Our gender confusion disagrees with this moment of worship. When we believe we have been created with the wrong gender, we are saying, “I am not wonderfully made.” Implicitly, dissatisfaction with our gender is dissatisfaction with God as creator.

Everyone struggles with discontentment regarding how God has made us. But gender rebellion escalates discontentment to idolatry. If God exists, then he has creative rights over what he has created. To claim those rights for ourselves violates God’s right as creator (AKA idolatry). The gender issues we are facing are just another example of humanity trying to usurp God’s authority.

But our gender problems aren’t limited to transgender issues. Every time there’s tension between husband and wife, gender issues are in play. Every time a man abuses a woman, gender issues are involved. Every time a woman wants the role of a man, gender issues are involved. The truth is, gender problems go all the way back to Eden.

At Green Pond Bible Chapel, we have proposed an addition to our doctrinal statement that deals explicitly with Gender, Marriage, and Sexuality. We will be addressing key Biblical passages from the addition in the coming weeks on Sunday mornings, beginning January 3rd. We want to proclaim God’s truth with compassion and conviction. In a world that seems to be growing increasingly dark, we want to hold forward the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, we’ve made a mess of gender. But since Genesis 3 God has been cleaning up our mess. He is our only hope for redemption and sanity regarding gender. I invite you to come and consider Gender, Marriage, and Sexuality from a Biblical perspective with us.

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