There’s no undoing the secular; there’s just the task of learning how (not) to live—and perhaps even believe—in a secular age.

-James K.A. Smith

We live in a secular age—an age where belief in God is no longer the default setting. Our world isn’t Christian, and it hasn’t been for some time. It’s time for believers in Jesus to come face to face with that reality.

Not coincidentally, we find that in the Bible God has much to say to Christians who are the minority in their culture. Every Christian in the New Testament was a minority. When Jesus taught his followers, he taught them assuming their lives would need to be lived swimming upstream against society (read: friends, family, co-workers).

How does a Christian go about living for Christ in a world that rejects him? What does it look like? What hope do we have? What does it mean practically? The letter of 1 Peter directly addresses these very issues. Peter wrote to believers in Jesus scattered across Asia Minor who faced varying degrees of persecution- from dirty looks to prison time. His letter contains key truths about Jesus and salvation that serves as an anchor for Christians in the stormy waters of culture.

Join us at Green Pond Bible Chapel and Highlands Bible Church on Easter Sunday as we launch our new preaching series on 1 Peter: Being Christian in a World That Isn’t. We will learn together how to follow Jesus in even the most difficult of environments. God not only intends for our faith to survive as minorities, he intends for our faith to thrive.

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