“I will declare wise sayings; I will speak mysteries from the past—things we have heard and known and that our fathers have passed down to us. We will not hide them from their children, but will tell a future generation the praiseworthy acts of the LORD, his might, and the wondrous works he has performed.”

-Psalm 78:2-4

This past weekend was a weekend of remembering and testifying. We gathered together to share memories of the “wondrous works” God has done in our church over the last 50 years. I was greatly encouraged by the laughter, the testimonies, the stories, and especially by the singing. Here were some of my highlights:

Cacophony at the Banquet

As we settled in Friday night at the banquet, I quickly noticed how loud the room was. It was the sound of hundreds of conversations—old friendships renewed, new friendships formed, and so many stories being shared. That cacophony was a joy to hear.

Corporate Worship Sunday Evening

The “Worship through the Ages” service was a powerful example of multiple generations coming together to praise Jesus. As the various worship leaders led us in songs from different times and with different styles the congregation didn’t miss a beat. I was especially encouraged by all ages singing robustly all the songs, not just their favorites. It was a great reminder of what the church is called to be—not just one generation of people who like the same style of music, but many generations sacrificially preferring each other.

Clear Teaching from God’s Word

It was a special privilege for me to share my dad with GPBC for this event. I grew up under his preaching, so I knew what to expect. He focused our attention on God’s faithfulness in his world, his Word, and the gospel. I believe we all left our gatherings encouraged in our faith.

Co-laborers in the Gospel

Our celebration was especially wonderful because some of our missionaries were able to join us. It was a treat to see Dave and Liz Flynn, Peter and Debbie Udall, and Sam and Maureen Parsons. God’s faithfulness to our church has been clearly displayed in the missions program at GPBC. I am genuinely thrilled to see what God does through our efforts in the future.

We ended our time together with a prayer breakfast both praising God for what he has done and pleading with him to glorify his name in the future at GPBC. We concluded our weekend excited about who God has made GPBC, and anticipating great things for the future. So we forge ahead by faith, seeking to glorify him by making and maturing disciples of Jesus.

PS- Check out #gpbc50… those pictures!!

PPS- Here are the links to the videos we used in the services:

50th Anniversary Photo Slide Show

God’s Faithfulness in the Early Years of GPBC

God’s Faithfulness in 50 Years of Missions

God’s Faithfulness in 50 Years of Proclaiming His Word

God’s Faithfulness in 50 Years of Spiritual Growth

Sunday AM Message by Dr. Michael Boys: God’s Faithfulness in the Gospel

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