On Sunday, November 17th, we will at long last worship together as one church in one service.  What’s the big deal?  Why bother?  Here are a few reasons why we’re so excited to be in one service together:  

  1. Relational Ministry– This change will create a Sunday morning environment more conducive to building relationships.  We will have the opportunity to connect with and minister to more people because we will be gathering our church family in one place at one time.   We will also have more time to fellowship both before and after the worship service.
  2. Worship Service Quality– When we all worship together our corporate worship services are just better.  Our faith will be strengthened by hearing our voices sing out praise to Jesus.  We will be encouraged by visibly seeing those who make up our church family all in one place.  Additionally, those serving in worship services and with Kingdom Kids will be able to unreservedly use their energy in ministry.
  3. Church Planting/Revitalization Focus– Finally, worshipping in one service will allow us to grow as a church body and maintain a size ideal for continued church planting or revitalizations.  Our ultimate goal is to advance God’s kingdom, not just GPBC.  Making and maturing disciples naturally results in planting churches which in turn reach more people.  This is our long term strategy for church growth.

A Few Tips

  1. Parking– We have more than enough parking spots, but we would ask those who can put in a few extra steps on Sundays to park in the lower parking lot.  This practical act of service will help us ensure closer parking spots are left for those who may need them.  
  2. Sit up front– When you come into the sanctuary, please take advantage of open seats closer to the front of the sanctuary.  We can help those who arrive later by leaving seats towards the back of the sanctuary open.
  3. Say Hello– Take this opportunity to meet some new people.  You never know how the Lord will bless you through new spiritual friendships within the church.

Every week I am blessed by worshipping with you.  Please join me in praying that God would continue to be glorified in our midst as we gather at Green Pond Bible Chapel.

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